How to make the most out of OpinionWorld

Be invited to take the right surveys

Tailored survey-taking

When you first join, we will ask you some questions about yourself (such as your age, job role and gender) which helps us to invite you to take part in online surveys that are relevant to you.

You may find that a few of these questions are asked again at the beginning of some online surveys you take part in. This is because OpinionWorld won't share your personal information with clients, so it helps to protect your privacy whilst ensuring the survey is still relevant to you. It also makes sure that the information you are sharing in the online polls is the most up to date, so we thank you for your understanding.

Increase your chances of completing more surveys

More chances to earn more rewards

Our paid surveys vary hugely from week to week, and some online surveys fill up very quickly. Please remember that not all surveys will be relevant to you (for example, some pet food brands may only want to hear from those who own dogs) so the more we know about you the better we are at matching you up to the surveys which will interest you - which means more chances for rewards!

This is why we ask that you provide as much information as possible during the initial Welcome Survey, as well as ensuring that your Account information is up-to-date. We recommend that you review and update your Account details every six months, or after an important change in your household. This means we can invite you for paid surveys that will interest you.

Take online surveys on the go

Online surveys on the go

Some people take surveys at home, whilst others like to take part when they are out and about. OpinionWorld offers paid surveys on mobile devices - such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop - which can be taken at home or on the move. If you've got some downtime (such as on your commute, or whilst waiting for the bus), why not use the time wisely by taking our paid surveys?

Our team are constantly working to make more surveys available for iPhone, iPad or Android devices, so that you can make the most out of your membership. Most of our surveys are able to be taken on the go, when our software will only offer online surveys which are optimized for your tablet or phone.

Don't forget: we also have a fast and easy mobile survey app, called QuickThoughts. Interested? Find out more here!

Our privacy promise

When you share your details and opinions through our online surveys you will, understandably, want to make sure that your data is safe and secure. We assure you that we will always follow these three golden rules:
1. SSI and OpinionWorld will treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.
2. Any information and data collected through online polls and surveys is used for research purposes only.
3. We will never try to advertise, promote, or market goods or services to you.

Please take a look at our Privacy Policy, and you can also check out our FAQs for more information. If you would like to ask anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch by using the contact form on our FAQ page.